Current Projects

CMS determines review topics and time frames, and assigns the focus project to the SMRC (Noridian) via a formal notification. Noridian sends affected providers/suppliers an Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letter and, upon receipt of returned medical records and/or supporting documents, conducts the review based on the analysis of national claims data and in accordance with statutory, regulatory and sub regulatory coverage, coding, payment, and billing requirements.

Project Review Types

  • Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP) Support Review – Review based on fraud, waste, and abuse trends identified by the HFPP
  • Program Integrity (PI) Support Review – Claim review focused on possible falsification or other evidence of alterations of medical record documentation including, but not limited to: obliterated sections; missing pages, inserted pages, white out; and excessive late entries; evidence that service billed for was actually provided and/or provided as billed; or, patterns and trends that may indicate potential fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Provider Compliance Group (PCG) Review – Claim review based on evaluation of beneficiary’s information and supporting medical records to ensure that payment is made only for services that meet all Medicare coverage, coding, and medical necessity requirements

Access current projects below.

If the project is not listed, please see the Completed Projects.

NOTE: At CMS discretion, not all projects will be made available on this website.

Project ID Project Title
01-054 Carotid Artery Screening/Testing
01-079 Dental Bone Grafting
01-083 Hyperbaric Oxygen of Lower Extremities Diabetic Wounds
01-085 IRF
01-086 Home Health PDGM
01-087 OIG Facet Joint Denervation
01-088 SNF PDPM
01-095 Mohs Surgery
01-096 Select Carotid Artery Screening
01-099 Hospice 90 Day Stay
01-103 Echocardiography Select Code
01-106 OIG Psychotherapy Services
01-108 OIG Genetic Testing
01-109 Lumbar-Sacral Orthoses
12-001 CAA Telehealth Services

Post Review Options for Response

If a provider/supplier agrees with the SMRC medical review findings included within the Review Results Letter, follow the standard overpayment recovery process outlined by the MAC. If a provider/supplier disagrees with the decision according to the medical review findings, and the project is eligible for a Discussion & Education (D&E) Period, the Review Results Letter will contain process details. For more information, see the Discussion & Education (D&E) Period webpage.

Last Updated Nov 13, 2023